All transactions are processed in AUD$

DEFINITIONS:“The Company” means Heli Experiences its servants, agents, successors and assigns. “The Passenger” means jointly and severally the person or company or group of persons or companies contracting with The Company and extends to his her its or their heirs, successors and assigns.

PAYMENT POLICY: All payments will be transacted before the tour unless prior agreement is made for payment terms, which are strictly 14 days from day of invoice. Please advise payment by email to [email protected]

CANCELLATION BY THE PASSENGER:All cancellations must be in writing and addressed to The Company. Cancellation fees are payable as follows:

TRAINING INSTRUCTIONAL FLIGHTS POSTPONEMENT REQUESTS BY THE PASSENGER: All training flights can be postponed by the customer up to 7 days before the confirmed flight time for a change fee of $50. Requests within 7 days of confirmed flight time for postponement for any reason whatsoever are not allowed. Passenger No Shows and passengers who have missed their confirmed flights for any reason whatsoever forfeit their tickets and are not entitled to fly again or receive a refund. Name changes are allowed up to 48 hrs before the confirmed flight time, the weight of the new named passenger must be equal to or less than the former named booked passenger. There is no fee for name changes.

SCENIC FLIGHT POSTPONEMENT REQUESTS BY THE PASSENGER: All scenic flights can be postponed by the customer up to 48 hrs before the confirmed flight time for a change fee of $50 pp. Requests within 48 hrs of confirmed flight time for postponement for any reason whatsoever are not allowed. Passenger No Shows and passengers who have missed their confirmed flights for any reason whatsoever forfeit their tickets and are not entitled to fly again or receive a refund.

REFUNDS: are not available for services provided but not utilised by The Passenger. Please choose carefully. We do not normally give refunds if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision. You can choose between a refund, exchange or credit where goods are faulty, have been wrongly described, are different to the product purchased on the website or doesn't do what it is supposed to do.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK AND COMPLAINTS: The company does not discuss feedback or complaints over the phone. All complaints and enquiries should be directed to point of sale, (where you purchased the ticket from). For direct bookings only, all passenger enquiries in regards to No Shows, Passengers who have missed their flights or any other post flight enquiry or complaint must be emailed in writing to [email protected] . Phone feedback or complaints will be referred to the email address. All customer feedback and complaints emailed will receive a auto responder to our published terms and conditions and a  written reply within 72 hrs.

CANCELLATION BY THE COMPANY: The Company reserves the right to cancel or withdraw a tour or reservations made by The Passenger in which event, save for the refund of monies paid by The Passenger, The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage in respect of such cancellation or withdrawal.

CHILD / INFANT POLICY: Due to the limited seating capacity of helicopters, all passengers are required to pay the full rack rate. Except, where an infant is under 3 years of age, one infant may travel free of charge as long as the infant is seated on a parent or guardian's knee. There is one seat belt extension available for this situation.

LEGAL LIABILITY: The Company shall be exempt from all responsibility or liability in respect of any detention, delays, loss, damage, expense, accident, sickness or injury howsoever and by whomsoever caused and whatever kind occurring of or to The Passenger at any time, howsoever occasioned, sustained or suffered in or during any package journey, trip or tour or in carrying out of any arrangements booked by or through it. The Company shall not be responsible for any misdescription or misleading information notwithstanding from whence it came.

ALTERATIONS TO TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Whilst every effort will be made to provide the journey, trip or tour offered, The Company nevertheless must retain the right to change, modify, alter or cancel any arrangement if they can not be provided for any reason. The Company accepts no liability or responsibility where delays, cancellations, price increases or other alterations have been caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to delays, interruptions or changes due to weather conditions, technical problems with transport, industrial action, natural disasters, riots, terrorist activities, airport closures or other breakdowns in arrangements. The Company shall not in any circumstances be held liable for and will not accept responsibility or liability for acts, omissions, defaults or failures on the part of transportation companies, hotel contractors and the like, who may provide you with services and facilities at the request of The Company. The Company in such circumstances acts only as your agent to introduce you to the companies, persons, accommodation contractors and the like who provide such services and facilities. Acceptance of these arrangements is a condition of booking. It is essential that you ensure that The Company is informed of a contact telephone number or address where you can be reached immediately prior to departure. Should however the Company become aware any time prior to departure that due to weather warnings, the helicopter will be unable to execute all legs of the journey the company will offer the customer alternative arrangements and/or itinerary details or at the discretion of the Company a 100% full refund which will be returned to the customer via electronic funds transfer upon cancellation of the booking.

VARIATION OF PRICE: All prices quoted, including fares and tour costs are those current at the date of publication, but are
subject to alteration without notice at the absolute discretion of The Company. It is recommended that you check regularly to ensure that the latest amendments, if any, are brought to your attention.

ALTERATION OF CONDITIONS: These conditions cannot be varied or altered or waived by any servant or agent or representative of The Company or by any person providing services or facilities unless contained in writing and signed by a Director of The Company. The Company will not be bound by a representation made or purported to have been made on its behalf unless The Company confirms such representation in writing.

ILLEGAL ACTS: The Company reserves the right to expel The Passenger from the tour without payments of compensation should The Passenger commit any illegal or dangerous act, either prior to or during the tour, or if the Passenger appears likely to endanger the health or safety or to impair the comfort of other passengers or crew.

LUGGAGE: The Company shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused in the handling of the Passenger's equipment, property or luggage, including as a result of negligence.

AGENCY: Ancillary tours, accommodation, some travel and other contracts as required are arranged by The Company as agent for The Passenger and not as principal.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The Company hereby limits its liability to The Passenger to the maximum extent permissible by law including without limiting the generality of the foregoing the exclusion of any liability whatsoever for consequential loss
or damage.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS: The Company takes no responsibility for any invalid or out-of-date travel documents. It is The Passengers sole responsibility to provide proper travel documents including any necessary visas and passports.

MAXIMUM PASSENGER WEIGHTS PER HELICOPTER TYPE: Robinson 44, max pax capacity 3 pax, max total pax weight 270 kg

For 1 Person Bookings on Share Flights individual Passenger Weight must Not Exceed 100Kg, All Pax are weighed pre flight.

For 1 Person Bookings on Training Instructional Flights individual Passenger Weight must Not Exceed 136Kg, All Pax are weighed pre flight.

For 2 Person Bookings on Share Flights Total Passenger Weight must Not Exceed 200Kg, Weights can be combined but no individual weight can exceed 136 kg All Pax are weighed pre flight.

For 3 Person Bookings on Share Flights Total Passenger Weight must Not Exceed 270Kg, Weights can be combined but no individual weight can exceed 136 kg All Pax are weighed pre flight.

For 1-3 Person Bookings on Private Flights Total Passenger Weight must Not Exceed 270Kg, Weights can be combined but no individual weight can exceed 136 kg All Pax are weighed pre flight.* Except Great Ocean road ‘Sights” flights where due to flight distance and fuel load the Total Passenger weight must Not Exceed 250 kg, Blue Mountains Flights must not exceed 224 kg.

Other larger helicopter types and destinations on a case-by-case basis.

Should a passenger misrepresent their weight upon booking and found to be over the allocated weight pre flight, the passenger may be prevented from boarding the aircraft by The Company Ground Staff/Pilot and their seat/flight and any monies paid for that seat/flight will be forfeited.

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE FOR SCENIC FLIGHTS: Passengers are not allowed to board scenic flights with any hand luggage. This includes handbags, backpacks and other luggage. Sharp Implements, weapons and flammable materials including matches, lighters etc are explicitly banned from carriage. Mobile Phones, Cameras and Videos are allowed, subject to pilots approval. In all cases the company, it’s ground staff and the Pilot in charge reserve the right to refuse carriage if they believe that the passenger is in violation of luggage terms and conditions.

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE FOR GENERAL CHARTER: Baggage Allowance is 10kg per person, (carry on style) and must be strictly adhered to for safety reasons. Due to the nature of helicopter aircraft, baggage allowances can be increased where the helicopter has fewer passengers than it's capacity. It is advised that passengers should use soft bags for Luggage, as some models of helicopters are unable to fit rigid suitcases.

EXTRA BAGGAGE ALLOWANCES: The Company does have Luggage Pods, that can be attached to the side of smaller helicopters (such as the Raven 44 series) these pods are able to fit up to 4 large Golf bags or 3 Large soft luggage bags. With 2 pax with combined total of 200kg body weight, baggage allowance can be up to 70kg in total Heli experiences in most cases. It is the responsibility of the passenger or their agent to advise 7 days in advance of flight of any special baggage requirements.

AIRCRAFT: The Company reserves the right to substitute aircraft without notice.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS: The Passenger acknowledges having read all the above terms and conditions and agrees to be bound thereby.

DIETARY REQUIREMENTS: Any special dietary requirements must be made clear to the Company in order for us to provide The Passenger with desired preferences.

DISABILITIES OR SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Any physical, mental or emotional disability, or special needs that may require special handling, must be notified by The Passenger in writing when the reservation is made.

Refund and returns policy

All voucher purchases have a 24 hour cooling off period. If a customer wishes to return a voucher for a full refund, the customer must notify Heli Experiences within 24 hours of the time of purchase. If the voucher has already been sent, the refund is only processed when Heli Experiences has received the issued physical voucher by registered mail to Heli Experiences Po Box 2251 Richmond South, 3121 Victoria, Australia.


Refund requests when ticket booked through third party:
Where a ticket is booked and paid via a third party; defined as but not limited to a travel agent, online booking service or voucher provider, wholesaler, inbound tour operator or any other third party entity that is not owned by the company and/or the ticket is not booked directly and paid directly to the company, all refund requests must be directed to the point of purchase. The reason for this is the company may not have been paid the full amount of the purchase price. Where the third party service is embedded in the company's website, or payment has been made directly to the company then the company is responsible for refunds subject to the company's refund policy contained within the company's terms and conditions.


Privacy policy and Cardholder provided Information:

When purchasing your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology.128-bit SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break, and is the industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our customer support centre at [email protected] or phone 1300 771 916. Our electronic purchase service requires that cardholders provide contact information (including without limitation: name, address, city, state or province, postal code, country, telephone and email), and financial information (including without limitation: name on credit card, credit card number and expiry date), and ordering information. This information is collected and used to process the transaction and for internal accounting and other procedures. Following a transaction, we may contact cardholders by phone or email for security purposes. Heli Experiences uses an approved third party payment gateway (Eway) and credit card details are not accessible by Heli Experiences. No information sent to Heli Experiences via email or the website inquiry form is used for any other reason than to respond to and maintain a record of the inquiry. This information is not sent to third parties or retained for mailing list purposes, unless a customer opts in to our mailing list. Mailing lists can be unsubscribed by the customer at their discretion. Heli Experiences takes measures to protect and keep information secure. Our Merchants' area, application form and electronic purchase service are secured with SSL encryption.