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VIP Twin Engine Helicopter Tours, Customisation is the key.

It’s not everyday you get a call from an international agent, “hey a Billionaire is coming to town and he and his girlfriend want to do something very special on their anniversary. They are arriving in their private jet at 9am. Budget no problem.” Aircraft? Check!

The twin engine Bell222 exceeds VIP customer expectations. With Club seating and configurations up to 9 pax, it’s versatile and helicopter luxury. It’s also the only twin engine helicopter in Melbourne able to carry charter passengers at Night if required.

So helicopters sorted how about the experience? How about a helicopter flight around Port Phillip Bay and then along the entire Great Ocean Rd, landing at the 12 Apostles?

Yep, Great, but what about lunch? By the way the couple met at a hamburger joint so can you please work in a theme around hamburgers, but it’s got to be fine dining! How about a POP UP open air restaurant for 2 with private butler, chef  on a exclusive Truffle Farm !

and the Hamburger theme??? No probs, we will commission a Fine Dining Cake in the shape of the actual Burger. Brilliant!



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