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Chinese Visitors Continue To Enjoy Helicopter Rides around Melbourne

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Chinese tourists, Father and Son both enjoyed their 30 minute helicopter flight around Melbourne and along the Port Phillip Bay Coastline.

Melbourne JoyFlights and Heli Experiences Pilots continue to notice the growth of this important inbound Tourism sector and welcome enquiries from Chinese Travel Agents, Guides and direct enquiries. Simply ring us on 1300 550 131 and we will organise a great helicopter scenic flight for your group. What a happy camper this young fella was below!

墨尔本出发点  艾森顿机场Hangar 81, Bristol St, Essendon Airport, Victoria, Australia, 3041. 预约/办公电话:1300 550 131                      

Heli Experiences是一家直升机公司,在澳大利亚的4个州府有4个基地。每年乘坐该公司的直升机乘客人数超过3万。Heli Experiences是澳大利亚最大的首府城市风景游览直升机公司。该公司的工作人员能提供安全、友善、讲解丰富的游览航程,竭诚欢迎各国游客。Heli Experiences使用澳元收费,既提供豪华航程,也提供经济航程,并为业内人士提供佣金。


30 分钟墨尔本市区美景私人包机游程(代码 helmel飞越西门大桥(Westgate Bridge),环绕威廉姆镇(Williamstown),然后沿海岸线飞行经过圣基尔达(St Kilda,直到黑岩石(Black Rock;从空中俯视墨尔本的著名景观,如阿尔伯特大奖赛赛车场地(Albert Park Grand Prix track,、墨尔本板球场(MCG)、旧码头区(Docklands),以及88层高的尤瑞卡空中楼阁(Eureka Skydeck 88)。环绕城市一周,尽览摩天高楼美景,留下难忘回忆!


直升机机型                 乘客人数         最大载重         收费                                         飞行时间

R44                             不超过3      270 kg             $599每架直升机                     30 分钟

B206                            不超过4      400 kg             $899每架直升机                     30 分钟

乘客个人体重不得超过 125kg。每天出发。包括市中心酒店接送。(出发和回程地点均为墨尔本艾森顿机场)

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Helicopter Ride Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Friday, November 5th, 2010

The team at Heli Experiences and Melbourne Helicopters have made it easy to find the right gift for those hard to please husbands and wifes, boyfriends and girlfriends. Launching a new Online Shop at their group website With helicopter scenic flights, rides and helicopter adventures starting from as little as $135. This will be the gift that gets a smile on the dial. Also you could try giving a “You Fly It” Gift Voucher, that is a Helicopter Training Instructional Flight, for more details about this exciting option click here. All Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months. You can order over the phone as well 1300 550 131.

helicopter rides and scenic flights

helicopter rides and scenic flights

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Heli Adventures around Melbourne

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

With spring upon us, it’s never been better to take a helicopter ride around Melbourne city and our tour along our great Port Phillip Bay coastline. Below are our most popular helicopter tours. With an onboard multi camera system you can even get a DVD recorded of your flight. Book early if you want to secure the DVD enabled chopper.

Gift vouchers are available and remember, Heli Experiences is Melbourne’s No1 for Joy Flights with 1000’s of passengers already flown with us. If it’s a helicopter scenic flight you have to fly with Australia’s No 1 Operator Heli Experiences

The original and the best in Robinson 44 helicopter tours around Melbourne. Also ask about our new Trial Instructional flights where You can fly the actual helicopter. Awesome!

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