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The Star Hotel Walhalla, Victoria, Australia

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Walhalla Township

Visitors to this stunning historic and nature destination will not be dissapointed by their stay at Walhall’s Star Hotel. A tourism Success story like no other in a very special neck of the woods.

walhalla star hotel old photo

Meticulously restored with all modern facilities and large welcoming rooms the Star Hotel is a must do destination when visiting Victoria. Above in the old days, below now.

walhalla star hotel

The alpine walking track that many guests experience whilst staying at the Star Hotel in Walhalla crisscrosses the extraordinary terrain of the region.

walhalla group hiking

It’s a must do for nature lovers and those that want to get away from the mad rush of city life. The history of the region is just amazing and there are awesome nature walks and also advanced hiking trails. The Walhalla township is a time machine waiting to be explored. See below

Extraordinary Rock Formation Then

Extraordinary Rock Formation Then

Awesome Rock Formation Now

Awesome Rock Formation

Walhalla’s Star Hotel provide luxury accommodation in 12 stylish modern suites in the heart of the township. For over 12 years, Walhalla’s Star Hotel has provided a fabulous break from the ordinary in beautiful surroundings. Walhalla is the most wonderful town to visit and a stay at the Star Hotel is the icing on the cake.

walhalla star hotel olden days

The Star Hotel is a Victorian Tourism Success Story like no other, Michael Leaney the Proprietor of this hotel and fervent stalwart of the township as a whole has achieved what many provincial Tourism Organisations have failed. He has turned this historic destination into an international icon, with tourists from all over the world making the trek to stay at his hotel and experience the tranquil nature and beauty of the region.

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