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Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter Seen in The Background

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Every now and then a photo is sent to us that we like to share. This photo shows the actor Eric Bana, Car Enthusiast and also know for some fine acting in his spare time.. standing in front of a bunch of autos and our Black Jet Ranger in the Background. This is not a celebrity endorsement, we just thought it was a nice action shot. You to can fly in this stunning Black Bell jet Ranger click here to find out more.

photo (440x248)

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Heli Adventures around Melbourne

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

With spring upon us, it’s never been better to take a helicopter ride around Melbourne city and our tour along our great Port Phillip Bay coastline. Below are our most popular helicopter tours. With an onboard multi camera system you can even get a DVD recorded of your flight. Book early if you want to secure the DVD enabled chopper.

Gift vouchers are available and remember, Heli Experiences is Melbourne’s No1 for Joy Flights with 1000’s of passengers already flown with us. If it’s a helicopter scenic flight you have to fly with Australia’s No 1 Operator Heli Experiences

The original and the best in Robinson 44 helicopter tours around Melbourne. Also ask about our new Trial Instructional flights where You can fly the actual helicopter. Awesome!

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