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Heli Adventures around Melbourne

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

With spring upon us, it’s never been better to take a helicopter ride around Melbourne city and our tour along our great Port Phillip Bay coastline. Below are our most popular helicopter tours. With an onboard multi camera system you can even get a DVD recorded of your flight. Book early if you want to secure the DVD enabled chopper.

Gift vouchers are available and remember, Heli Experiences is Melbourne’s No1 for Joy Flights with 1000’s of passengers already flown with us. If it’s a helicopter scenic flight you have to fly with Australia’s No 1 Operator Heli Experiences

The original and the best in Robinson 44 helicopter tours around Melbourne. Also ask about our new Trial Instructional flights where You can fly the actual helicopter. Awesome!

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You Fly It ! Learn To Fly A Helicopter

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

cockpit 44 tiff web

If you or someone you know has always wanted to fly a helicopter, then this is for you. Experience the thrill of flying a helicopter yourself with a helicopter introductory training flight. This is no ordinary small 2 seat training helicopter, this is the real thing! Your helicopter introductory training flight will take place in a full-sized 4 seater helicopter, a Robinson R44, the most popular commercial helicopter in the world.

heli exp 6 web

The helicopter VH-HWT has leather interior, Bose noise cancelling headsets and cruises at 130mph with a range of 400 miles. This is twice the speed of normal R22 training helicopters, making it the sports car of the helicopter world!

citypovwithpilot1 web

At the heliport, you will be introduced to your helicopter instructor and to the dual-control training helicopter. Your helicopter training session will begin with a briefing about what makes a helicopter fly, what the various controls do and what you must do whilst flying the helicopter. Then jump into our simulator for a 10-minute trial to get the feel of a helicopter prior to trying out the real thing – it will make your time in the air more enjoyable. Then you’re off on a 20-minute helicopter training flight.

heli exp 8 web
Within the first five minutes you’ll be trying your hand at the helicopter controls. One by one, more helicopter controls will be introduced to you until, toward the end of the helicopter training flight, you could have full control. You’ll be able to test your skills by maintaining a steady flight path, changing direction and experimenting with hover control. This helicopter introductory training flight is one of the greatest adventures you can try.

Trial Instructional Heli Flight (Tiff)

20 Min RATE: $400.

40 Min RATE : $600

Both Flights Include bonus simulator time before your flight!

You can also get a DVD of the entire flight from our special multi heli cam that records you flying the helicopter inside the cabin as well as audio and all the sights outside the helicopter. Sensational value at $60.

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