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Q: WHAT ARE YOUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS ? Terms and Conditions including our refund policy are easily viewed as a link on the bottom of every web page on this website. Terms and conditions are also provided as a link at the top of your email confirmation once booked. If you have any questions please ring us on 1300 550 131

Q: WHAT’S THE MINIMUM AGE FOR FLYING IN A HELICOPTER ? If travelling on a share flight, the minimum age is 6 years old and must be accomapanied by a Guardian. Passengers aged 12 or over can travel on their own as long as they have their guardians permission.

If travelling on a private flight, there is no minimum age. However be aware that passengers under the age of 3 must be fitted in a baby seat that you must provide and that helicopters are noisy and the headsets may not fit on the infant.


Q: WHY ARE ACCURATE PASSENGER WEIGHTS IMPORTANT ? Helicopters operate with a balance of fuel weight and total passenger weight. Our pilots plan their day according to your provided weights. If you do not provide an accurate weight and you are overweight, we may not be able to take you flying for everyone’s safety.

Q: WHAT HAPPENS IF BAD WEATHER STOPS OUR FLIGHT TAKING OFF? Just like any other aviation carrier. If bad weather precludes flying, we will try to contact you to postpone your flight. Contact may be by phone, email or text. Your flight will be postponed to a mutually convenient other time and/or date.

Q: WHAT’S THE LARGEST GROUP SIZE I CAN BOOK A HELICOPTER FLIGHT FOR ? It depends on the destination. Our largest movement has been 60 passengers to the 12 Apostles from Melbourne in 12 Helicopters at the same time. For shorter scenic flights it works at about 7-14 pax per movement. So say it’s a 20 Minute flight, you could do a number of movements in a row.

Q: HOW MANY PASSENGERS CAN FLY IN ONE HELICOPTER ? Depending on the type it’s either 3 or 4 people for scenic flights. For groups and charter flights sometimes we use bigger helicopters holding up to 7 passengers.

Q: DO YOU CATER FOR CORPORATE GROUPS AND MICE ACTIVITIES ? Yes, the experiences group works with corporate planners, incentives and rewards, wholesalers and inbound agents. We are happy to customise and also include ground activities to ensure a successful and memorable day. Check out our Blog for some examples of recent MICE activities and corporate team building days.

Q: I’M A TRAVEL AGENT, DO YOU HAVE COMMISSIONABLE RATES? Yes, for verified travel agents, whoelsalers and contracted ITO’s we provide commissionable rates. For more enquiries about how we can work with you email

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