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Customer Review Helicopter Rides Melbourne and Sydney

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Heli Experiences has flown 1000’s of passengers in Melbourne and Sydney on helicopter flights and tours around Sydney Harbour and Melbourne city and numerous other destinations. Below is a review we would like to share.

I am just writing to thank-you for the amazing tour my husband and I took on Saturday.  Luke was very surprised, and excited when the time came that I told him how we would celebrate his birthday and the experience was as sensational, if not more so, than what we had envisioned.

I would like also to compliment you on your staff  – David was lovely, very gentelmanly (opening and closing doors for me – very polite – Hahahaha), engaging and easy to talk to. Josh was an excellent guide and pilot, pointing out all of the landmarks of Melbourne as we flew above.  It was ABSOLUTELY EXCEPTIONAL!  A definite highlight, though maybe not for others, was seeing the Cerberus shipwreck.  Neither Luke or I had ever seen a shipwreck, and to have seen one for the first time from that view was wonderful.
2 helicopters in front of melbourne web.jpg
I am actually quite affraid of heights, pathologically so, and was quite nervous boarding the helicopter, but I found Josh’s verbalising any changes, turns, shifts, etc, and confidence in operating the helicopter a tremendous help in easing my anxieties.  It was great to be able to actually enjoy the flight, rather than fearing for my life for the time we were flying. Hahahaha…

My husband absolutely loved the tour, as did I and I have found not only your help, but the service of your entire company, your staff, and your contacts with Eureka Skydeck, absolutely fantastic. I really can not express to you just how outstanding I fell everyone has been in helping me organise this surprise for my husband.  We will most definitely recommend your services to all and any of our friends interesting in touring Melbourne by helicopter.

If there is anywhere (website, blog, online listing, etc) that you would like me to post a review on, please let me know – I would love to be able to something to repay all of your help and commend your service.

Thank-you again Darcy.  I will DEFINIETLY be utelising your services again.

With regards,


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