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Gawler Ranges Safaris

Monday, October 19th, 2009


Thought i would share this unique outback experience with you. This was simply a stunning and eye opening tour hosted by a very impressive individual, Geoff Scholz of Gawler Ranges Safari. With a great airstrip at Wudinna, this outback destination is very accessable form Alice Springs and Adelaide and hence easily added to an itinerary focused on quality otbcak experiences. In a nutshell, Geoff is the consumate professional guide, full of interesting nature based and geological information. The most surprising aspect of the Gawler Ranges are the multitude of micro eco systems, around every corner there is a new landscape and abundant wildlife. See Emus above and rocks and flora above.


With some special visits in the 4wd expertly driven through rugges terrain, you can expect to see not only Emus in the wild, but wedge tailed eagles, kangaroos and rock wallabies and wonbats if you’re game to wait until night time.


The outback camp offers a bushmans retreat, all tents have comfortable beds and their own shower and toilet with rainwater tanks ensuring crystal clear water on tap. It’s a camp to laze around and take in all the sounds of the busk and this tranquil setting. This is not a camp where your are waited on hand and foot, whilst it is fully serviced, most guests like to get involved . It’s up to you. If your idea of bush camping is sattelite TV’s and a waiter bringing you martinis stirred, then this is not for you. If you want to experience the real outback with real outback bushmen and be regaled by special stories in front of the campfire then this is for you. You can go anywhere to get waited on hand and foot, the Gawler Ranges Safari is what it is, a very special place for tourists that value rare and unique experiences on the planet. That said, its more than likely you can be eating sashimi watching bush kangaroos or having lunch on a inland beach just to yourself. Everything is provided and it’s fully inclusive, you just need to bring your sense of adventure and an open mind. See camp below.



In summer, all the flaps of the tent would be open for a fantastic 360 degress aspect, plus your sleeping tents below. Check out soem of the great plant life and amazing rock scapes.



Visiting very special places that have 1000’s of years of history associated with them. Geoff is the custodian of some very rare stories and bush facts.




But its defintely the wildlife which is the higlight, abundant bird life and againt he wild emus are a real thrill.


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